Why I Got Face Filler

I visited the incredibly talented Dr. Charles Galanis for some dermal filler. This is the second time I’ve seen him for filler but I wanted to be open with you guys since this is something I want to continue to do. 

I’ve always been insecure about my mid face. I have what’s called a “mid face deficiency” that basically means the middle of my face never fully grew in. It’s easy to hide from the front but my profile is something I’ve always been self conscious about. It’s the reason I can’t bite correctly and why I’m not a candidate for braces. My orthodontist said my only option to correct this was jaw surgery where they would break my jaw and put plates in my face and that’s not something I was comfortable doing. I visited Charles Galanis in Beverly Hills and he recommended mid face filler to mask the deficit. I’m a MEGA hypochondriac. I hate needles and I hate putting things in my body, but Dr. Galanis made me feel so comfortable and explained the entire process to me. He uses Hyaluronic fillers which are a totally natural substance that your body already creates so it’s not putting anything artificial in your body. It’s also naturally metabolized by your body over time (9 months to 2 years) and if you hate it it’s COMPLETELY reversible. 

It’s not a dramatic change and you probably wouldn’t even notice it but it made me feel so much more confident. I’m sharing this because I feel a sense of responsibility to be honest with you all if I ever make any cosmetic changes to my body. Being in fitness, I never want to give you guys a false sense of reality/what is attainable through diet and exercise. Nobody is perfect and everyone has insecurities. While I believe that diet/exercise are the foundation of absolutely everything, there are some things that you can’t make happen by doing cardio or eating lots of greens. I don’t think you should ever feel bad for making changes to your body (artificial or not) if it makes YOU happy. If you are being safe, have done your research and are doing it for YOURSELF then GO FOR IT…but if you feel the need to alter your body to meet unrealistic standards of beauty or to make someone else find you more attractive then STOP and RUN THE OTHER WAY HONEY cuz no amount of plastic surgery can give you self love and self worth. That comes from within. I always preach that your body is YOUR body. YOU choose what you do with it. Celebrate it, flaunt it, change it, shape it, keep it, whatever you do with it just make sure you’re doing it FOR YOURSELF.

I’m sure I’ll get some hate for this but the most important thing is that I’m always be open and honest with you all. I value your love and support so much and will always be completely transparent.

I documented the entire experience on my second YouTube channel so head there to see it all go down and don’t forget to subscribe! YouTube.com/calebmarshall

Caleb Marshall