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Caleb Marshall, also known as “The Fitness Marshall,” got his start dancing in his hometown of Marion, Indiana. After honing his craft and exploring his personal style in performing arts school, The Fitness Marshall began blending his passion for choreography and dance with his talent for video production. The Fitness Marshall quickly became A sensation for his Cardio classes.

After graduating from IU, The Fitness Marshall began compiling his dance workout videos and created The Fitness Marshall YouTube channel, showcasing his dance workout routines set to upbeat and Top 40 songs. In under a year, The Fitness Marshall’s YouTube channel reached 100,000 subscribers. Today, his channel boasts over 1.4 million subscribers with over 220 million views, and his fans hail from all corners of the world.

Due to overwhelming demand, The Fitness Marshall began teaching live Cardio concerts across the country, to sellout capacity crowds. As the demand for unique live experiences continue to increase, The Fitness Marshall prides himself on spreading confidence, love and happiness to as many people as he can through his one of a kind classes. Regardless of your dance ability (or lack thereof), The Fitness Marshall will kick your ass and inspire you to get up and move. For a taste of what you can expect from The Fitness Marshall, check out his videos here!