2 On - Tinashe

I started choreographing this dance in 2014 and I never finished it. It was a few months before I was to start The Fitness Marshall channel and had just been to LA where I was so incredibly inspired by the DJ Mustard sound of hip-hop at the time. I started choreographing SO MANY dances. Some of them appeared on the channel (Bubblegum, Don’t Tell ‘Em, Make It Nasty) But others were left on the cutting room floor like this one. A few months ago (after seeing Tinashe live at Air + Style) I was re-inspired to finish this choreo and I’m SO GLAD I did. Some of the elements are from my original choreo (the chorus) but most of the dance is brand new. I really wanted to keep this one as simple as possible like the earlier videos were.

Watch the video here.