Click on a video below to see our adventures around the world!

We travel to Minneapolis to meet with Lifetime Fitness ✈️ , hit up the Mall of America 🎢 and flew to Denver to put on our biggest show yet 🕺 

We travel to Orlando to be in a movie & hold a Fitness Marshall Cardio Concert 

I get eyelash extensions 👁 and shoot Company, Shape Of You and Cake 🍰 

We travel to Cincinnati, Ohio for a Cardio Concert, Haley gets sick and we attend our first Jazzercise class 

Team Fitness Marshall heads to Atlanta, Georgia to perform a sold out Cardio Concert, appear on the news and visit the tomb of Dr. MLK 

Cameron and I head to North Carolina for a secret project....and head home the next day to drive to Atlanta, Chicago and Saturn 

Jessica Bass comes to Indianapolis to shoot a collab with with me!

We have family Christmas in a bar 🍺 a near death experience 💀 and the most magical New Years ever 🌟 

Cameron and I head to 30000001 Christmases, I get sick and my Mom teaches me about menopause 🎅🎄 🎁 

Cameron and I head to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for his family's yearly Log Cabin Vacation *** 

I read fan mail from the PO Box, ask my Grandma to star in a new dance video and Cameron and I prepare for our second log cabin adventure.
We shoot Alejandro and Slumber Party for The Fitness Marshall and then head to Chicago to attend the Jingle Bash! things didn't go as planned for Cameron.

We shoot a super secret video in Central Park, Skip Thanksgiving and see the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade 🦃 

We make it back to the United States to perform in New York City 

We smuggle ourselves into Canada for our first international show.

Cameron shows me our venue for Dallas, we play Questions 2 Outrageous and perform in St. Louis

We travel to Los Angeles to meet with DanceOn, record at POPSUGAR and host our very first LA show 

We perform at a night club, race against the clock to shoot a video and meet Dominique from POPSUGAR 

Me, Haley and Bria fly to San Francisco to meet YouTube.

Me, Cameron, Haley & Allison head to Salt Lake City, perform 2 songs in 1 day and get frisky in bed 

Moody Booty and I take the Jelly Bean challenge